• “...vocabulary is the glue that holds stories, ideas, and content together… making comprehension accessible for children.”
                      - Rupley, Logan & Nichols
    Summer Vocabulary Challenge 
    All students entering seventh through ninth grade will receive a list of 50 academic vocabulary words to learn over summer vacation. Your English teachers are committed to using these vocabulary words throughout the curriculum to assist you in becoming a better writer and a fluent reader. You will encounter these words in various activities that connect to the text, to your classes, and to your life.

    An assessment of your knowledge of these 50 words will take place in your English class during the first week of school.

    Students can earn a number of rewards based on their successful completion of the assessment.

    • If you know 0-25 words, you do not qualify for the prize tier.
    • If you know 26-34 words, you qualify for an ice cream treat.
    • If you know 35-44 words, you qualify for a No Homework coupon to be used during the 1st quarter and an ice cream treat.
    • If you know 45-50 words, you qualify for a pizza party, a No Homework coupon and an ice cream treat.
    To access the Grade 9 Summer Vocabulary Challenge Terms, please click on the link below.
    Annual Vocabulary Challenge