• Individual counseling is a service offered to students in grades PK-6. Students may be referred for counseling by a parent, a teacher, or by self-referral. Counseling can be ongoing or short-term based on the problem or situation. Some issues that a school social worker may address in individual counseling with a student include:

    • school performance
    • test anxiety
    • general anxiety
    • grief
    • family changes
    • new student transitional changes
    • peer relations
    • anger management
    • conflict resolution and problem solving
    • transition to middle school
    • self-esteem issues
    • bullying and teasing

    Often, students will request to see me following a situation that occurs at school or when something is bothering them. I will then meet briefly with the student or students to try to resolve the situation. These types of visits do not require prior permission from a parent/guardian; however, I encourage students to inform parents/guardians of our visit and explain why we met. In the event that a student requires on-going counseling beyond that which can be provided at school, I will contact the parent/guardian to discuss this matter and can provide assistance with more information regarding resources available in the community and make referrals when necessary.

    In the event that the problem/situation requires further attention, the student or students will be referred to the building principal. I do not see students for discipline. Rather, my role is to assist in conflict resolution so that students may return to class and be as productive as possible.