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    Military Family Life Counseling Services
    Who is the Military Family Life Counselor?  
    General Brown is fortunate to have Jillian Sarandrea. LMHC, assigned as the MFLC counselor for Brownville-Glen Park and Dexter Elementary Schools. Ms. Sarandrea is a licensed mental health counselor (LMHC) with extensive experience working with children and families.
    What is a Military Family Life Counselor? 
    MFLC's are fully licensed professionals who are assigned to schools with significant populations of students who are children of military service members and Department of Defense (DOD) Civilians. The MFLC program was established in 2004 to provide "front line" support to families dealing with the unique challenges of military life.
    What can Ms. Sarandrea do to help my child and my family? 
    Ms. Sarandrea serves as a resource for military students, their parents, and their teachers. Her goal is to support the entire school community on military issues that may affect all students; for example, a traumatic event.
    How can I contact Ms. Sarandrea?
    Ms. Sarandrea can be reached by calling either Brownville-Glen Park or Dexter Elementary at (315) 779-2300 or parents may contact her directly and confidentially at (315) 481-9574. In addition, parents may contact Ms. Sarandrea through their child's teacher, another staff member or an administrator. 
    Additional information: 
    All MFLC services are confidential and anonymous. No written records are kept of any encounter or services provided by Ms. Sarandrea. However, in order for Ms. Sarandrea to provide individual counseling services, parental consent must be obtained. The MFLC Consent Form can be found on the webpage. Please sign and return the MFLC Consent Form to your child's classroom teacher. If you have more than one child, please complete an MFLC Consent Form for each child.