Robotics Teams Compete

  • FLL (First Lego League) Teams:

    Students in grades 4-8 had the opportunity to join one of three district teams to participate in the First Lego League Robotics Competition which was held on December 2nd, 2017 at Clarkson University.  Guided by their coach, teams of up to 10 members were tasked with:

    • Researching a real-world problem and developing a solution. This year’s theme was “Hydro”.
    • Design, build, and program a robot using LEGO MINDSTORMS and compete against opposing teams on top of a table-top playing field.
    • Participate in the Program’s Core Values which emphasize discovery, teamwork and good sportsmanship.

    FTC (First Tech Challenge) Team: 

    Students in grades 9-12 had the opportunity to join the district’s First Tech Challenge Team.  Guided by their coach, these teams were challenged to design, build, program, and operate a robot which competed in a head-to head challenge in an alliance format.  Guided by a coach, these students developed STEM skills and practiced engineering principles.  Teamwork, innovative thinking and collaboration were skills that were emphasized.  FTC teams competed on December 1st, 2017 at Clarkson University. 

Dexter Elementary (Grades 4-6)

Dexter Team
  • Coach:  Mrs. Aumell

    Team:  Ethan Aumell, London Best, Wes Covey, Alex Dean, Jacob Froedtert, Kyle Goss, Kylar Hayes, Tristan Jarvie, Nakohma Phelps, Ziel Quinones, Tyler Washer, Brody Watson

    Team Name:  GB Team 1 Dexter

    Hydro Problem:  How to dispose of run-off water and its impact on wildlife and drinking water.

    Highlights:  Learning to code the robot, creating solutions to a real problem and meeting new friends at the competition. 

Brownville-Glen Park Elementary (Grades 4-6)

BGP Team
  • Coach:  Mrs. Scully

    Team:  Bradyn Bice, Ryan Chamberlain, Joy Elder, Evan Gamache, Jackson Keefer, Michael Shanahan, Maggie Thomas, Jake Wetzel, Alyssa Wurtz.  Mentor:  Natalie Sheen

    Team Name:  Robo Plumbers of Brownville

    Hydro Problem:  How water is wasted and how to stop this from happening. 

    Highlights:  Scoring points in every round of our first competition, completing all three missions with our robot, winning 2 out of 3 rounds of our one to one competition and having Natalie Sheen join as a mentor to the team. 

Jr. High School (Grades 7-8)

JR HS Image
  • Coach:  Mrs. Menapace

    Team:  AbbiGale Cole, Abbigail Gosier, Karissa Hart, David Hatch, Christian Lane, Jaden Robertson, Jacob Sanders, Travis Tibbles, Jayemarie Zimmer.  Mentors:  Evan Klindt and Spencer Tibbles

    Team Name:  THAT ONE TEAM

    Hydro Problem:  The collection and use of rain water.

    Highlights:  Learning from the other teams at competition, making new friends, having lifetime memories of the team and competition. 

High School (Grades 9-12)

  • Coach:  Mr. Newvine

    Team:  Mariah Bennett, Cody Calhoun, Haley Harris, Jaye Harrod, Reece Modlin

    Team Name:  GB Robotics

    Highlights:  Getting our robot to move blocks and balance on a balancing stone, placing fourth out of six alliances in our first competition and creating “Jack” the robot.