First Lego League Jr.

First Lego League
  • Left to Right: Bennett Harris, Lauren Paquette, Vincent Branche, Ryah Anderson, Mr. Augliano


    The FIRST LEGO League Jr. (FLLJr) is a fun STEM program.  STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math.  The team learned about the "Challenge" in October and then designed and built a Team Model to show what they leaned.  These determined students stayed after school several days a month in order to complete the challenge.  The students had to code and program at least one motorized part of their model.  In connection with Clarkson University, they participated in an exhibition on Saturday, March 30th at Calcium Primary School.  The team had a fun and exciting morning! The students worked hard to solve the challenge and build a worthy structure!  The students had a table to display their "solution" and poster.  Two Clarkson students interviewed the students about their project.  After all the interviews, every student received a medal and a certificate.  We also received a small trophy to display.