• Be prepared for inclement weather school closures and delays

    The General Brown Central School District communicates about emergency school closings, delays and early dismissals in various ways.

    The superintendent uses ParentSquare to notify parents, guardians and district staff members of emergency school closings, delays and early dismissals. The system generates an automated phone call and a text message (for those with mobile phone numbers on file).

    Please note that only legal guardians will receive a call or text message. Parents/guardians will need to pass the message along to others who may be providing transportation or care for their children. In addition, parents of Head Start students at Dexter Elementary will not receive a call, and parents of BOCES students in the high school will not receive a call unless they live in the General Brown school district.

    If parents or guardians are unsure whether the district has their correct email or phone numbers on file, they should contact the main office of their child’s school.

    The district website and local news media will serve as backup notification systems and as a notification source for non-parents or community organizations. It is best to rely on more than one source of information when it comes to weather-related announcements. This is particularly true in situations that involve power outages, which can affect the district’s ability to send electronic notifications.

    School closings will be announced on local TV and radio stations.

    The district will not use social media to notify the public of an emergency closing or delay since the district cannot control the time frame in which those notifications reach subscribers.

    When there is inclement weather, the decision to dismiss early, delay opening or close school is based on the superintendent’s discussions with the General Brown transportation director and the latest weather predictions. 

    If a snow day is called, there will be no teacher instruction. However, if a remote day is announced, instruction will be made available via Google classroom or the See Saw platforms. Notifications sent regarding the closure will indicate whether it is a snow day or remote day. 

    Unless otherwise stated in the notification, all scheduled activities at General Brown schools are canceled on the days when school is closed or closes early.

    When an early dismissal or closure occurs, students should follow their predetermined plans to alleviate confusion. Please keep in mind that phone messages or emails may not be accessible in time to accommodate changes.

    What happens if...

    Schools are closed

    • SACC is also closed. 
    • The cycle day moves to the next school day. (If Day 1 is a snow day then the next day school is in session becomes Day 1.)
    • The lunch menu may or may not change. That is determined when school resumes. 

    There is a two-hour delay 

    • School start times are delayed by two hours. (9:50 a.m. Junior-Senior Hgh School and 11 a.m. elementary start time.)
    • Bus pickup schedule is delayed by two hours. 
    • Breakfast will NOT be served. 
    • The cycle days stay the same. 

    School closes early

    • At the beginning of the school year, parents completed an early/emergency dismissal plan. Teachers will follow this plan unless a note signed by a parent/guardian gives the school other directions. 
    • SACC does NOT operate when the school has an unplanned early/emergency dismissal. 

    There are no after-school activities

    • SACC will remain in operation unless you are notified otherwise.