Voters to elect two board of education candidates

  • Voters will be asked to select two members to three-year terms on the Board of Education from four candidates listed on the election ballot. Terms will begin July 1, 2020, and expire June 30, 2023.

    The four candidates are incumbent Natalie Hurley, newcomer Scott Lytle, incumbent Albert Romano Jr. and newcomer Kimberly Shuler. Each candidate submitted profiles (below) for voters’ consideration. 

Headshot of Natalie Hurley
  • Natalie Hurley

    My name is Natalie Hurley, and with great pleasure I announce my candidacy for re-election to the General Brown Central School District Board of Education. I am currently serving my second term as the Vice President of the board and serve as the Secretary/Treasurer of the Jeff-Lewis School Boards Association. Over the course of my term, I have served as the board representative on several committees at GBCSD, including Strategic Action Plan, District Excellence and Accountability in Programing (EAP), School Counselor Advisory Board and collective bargaining negotiations.

    I also represent the district at local and state conferences. I’ve served as the district representative at NYSSBA, the state board association, as the voting delegate and at Jeff-Lewis School Boards Association annual meetings and workshops. During my term, I have received recognition from NYSSBA for exemplary participation in board leadership training through attendance at conferences, workshops and webinars. It is of great importance to me to be knowledgeable of the responsibilities of a board member. As such, I have taken every opportunity to learn my role to best serve the district and community. 

    I bring to our board eight years of experience as an active, engaged educator. I am a math teacher at Indian River High School, where I teach Calculus, PreCalculus, Algebra I and provide academic intervention services (AIS). As a life-long learner, I have found my niche in exploring instructional technology. I enjoy facilitating workshops for my coworkers and presenting new media to support students and learning. I am active within the IREA (local teachers’ union), having recently represented the teachers of Indian River in table negotiations for collective bargaining with the district. In additional outreach, I participate in a professional community of teachers through opportunities presented by Jeff-Lewis BOCES and AMTNYS, the state math teachers’ association. I am also in my third year as a NYS Master Teacher Program Fellow. My work as a 100kin10 NNSTOY Exemplary STEM Fellow has recently been published as a toolkit to promote excellence in STEM learning in schools and districts.

    I graduated from GBHS in 2003 and continued my education at SUNY Oswego with a BA in Mathematics, minor in Economics, and MA in Teaching Mathematics. I built my home in Pamelia over five years ago and considered a position on the GB Board of Education as a way to serve the community where I was raised. Serving the stakeholders of the GB community has been one of my proudest accomplishments, one that I wish to continue to fulfill through a second term. I feel that my background in education has prepared me for the position and that I have indeed served my community, evident by my participation and accolades as a board member.

Head shot of Scott Lytle
  • Scott Lytle

    My name is Scott Lytle and I am running for school board. I am 44 years old, married to my wife Michele for over 20 years and we have 2 children who currently attend General Brown. Cory will be a senior in the fall and Casey will be a freshman. I am a proud alumni who graduated in 1994 and have lived within the district my entire life. Safe to say I bleed blue and gold. I've been a NYS corrections officer for over 20 years, and my wife has been a registered day care provider for the same amount of time, for a fair amount of GB school teachers. I was lucky enough to coach on two separate occasions at Gb, both times at the modified level in boys lacrosse and girls basketball, greatly enjoying both experiences.

    Why run now? It's a great question! Honestly, I feel i’m at a point in my life where I feel like I can give the district the time that it will take to do a proper job. My wife and I are seasoned in our careers and my children are grown. With the uncertain times we are facing, going forward our children and faculty members are going to need someone who is willing to fight for their best interests, needs and future. I want to be that person. I want to learn and grow with the school. I want them to continue to be able to preserve the same great memories I was able to make when I walked those same hallways for 12 years. Anyone who knows me, knows i’m passionate about anything i've ever done. I will be the first to admit, I will be very green coming into this new environment, but that's only gonna make me hungry for knowledge. Give me a chance to take that hunger and unleash it into a new quest. I can promise you any decision that I agree with will have the best interests of the students involved, as well as our faculty. Let's be honest, our teachers can't be great, if they are unhappy. I'll always remember the old days, our “lions den” in the gym. From day one we were always taught ”Lion Pride”, and it's not hard to see that PRIDE comes out in our community when it needs us, let's bring that togetherness now, not just in times of need! Our district is made up of so many great villages, let's be one great community all the time. There's a reason so many of us who grew up here, stay here. And why so many who move into our district help to make it better. We are a lion “PRIDE”.

    In conclusion, I'm asking that if you are looking for a dedicated, hard working, loyal person that's willing to ask the questions that no one else wants to, or isn't afraid to meet a problem head on, then I'm your candidate! Let me be YOUR voice, let me be your VOTE! JUNE 9th is right around the corner, take a chance on me and I won't let you down!!!

Headshot of Albert Romano Jr.
  • Albert Romano, Jr.

    I am happy to announce my candidacy for re-election to the General Brown Central School District Board of Education. 

    Twenty-six years ago, my wife and I decided to find a home in the General Brown CSD, knowing that our future family would be attending General Brown. My wife, Barb, and my son, Jacob, are alumni of General Brown. We also have a son, Luke, who will be graduating this year from GB, and daughter, Emma, who is currently attending GB. Our children have been involved with a variety of sports, performing arts, and honor society. 

    I believe that the greatest gift that someone can give is to volunteer their time and to serve their community. Serving on the BOE has allowed me to be the voice for our children, the district, and our community. 

    During my term I’ve assisted in establishing goals, setting policy and overseeing resource allocations for the school district. I have served on the Strategic Plan Committee, attended workshops, and have completed webinars through the New York State Board Association.  

    Last year the BOE approved the elementary school reconfiguration to reduce the loss of instructional time, improve the classroom sizes, and to increase the grade level collaboration among teachers. Under the current leadership, the district also implemented integrated co-teaching. Co-teaching is an educational model in which a general education teacher and a special education teacher jointly provide instruction to a class that includes students with and without disabilities.

    I work for Community Bank, N.A., as a branch manager, and I have been in the banking industry for 34 years.  In an effort to support our community, Community Bank, N.A. allows me to provide Financial Literacy with free course offerings from Pre-K students through Adults.  Classes range from Banking Services, to Comparison Shopping, Budgeting and Making Spending Decisions.  Our financial education program promotes healthy financial habits throughout all stages of life.  During the last two years, I have conducted several courses at the Dexter and Brownville Elementary Schools.  I’m committed to educating our community with helpful tips and resources to ensure an enjoyable financial future. 

    During the last two years, I’ve organized the “Stocking for Seniors” campaign. This is a community effort to bring some holiday cheer to seniors in the Watertown, Dexter and Brownville area. The goal is to provide as many stockings to the seniors.  Last year we delivered 180 stockings to the Hunters Run Apts., Brown Park Apts., Smith Hill Apts., Assisted Living in Dexter, and other surrounding areas. The General Brown Central School District’s Honor Society, Family Career & Community Leaders of America, the 5th grade classes of Dexter Elementary and the 10th graders from the Pre-Tech Academy at Jeff-Lewis BOCES joined this endeavor by collecting donations, making Christmas Cards and stuffing stockings. 

    I am committed to be an advocate for students, teachers, staff and leadership to increase morale and build a positive culture for all.  I also invite the General Brown Teachers’ Association and the General Brown School Related Professionals to be partners in doing what is best for the students, employees, and our community.  As a board member, I look at every issue from all sides, and welcome the open dialogue on issues that matter to the students.

    I look forward to serving you and would appreciate your vote on June 9, 2020 by absentee ballot.  If you have not received a ballot by June 1, please contact District Clerk Debbie Bennett by email at as soon as possible to ensure timely receipt of an absentee ballot of the 2020 school election.

Headshot of Kimberly Shuler
  • Kimberly Shuler

    My name is KIMBERLY SHULER and I want your vote for GB Board of Education.

    Fifteen years ago my husband and I built our home on Pillar Point. We picked this specific location because of the lake and because it was in the General Brown School District. General Brown had a reputation of being one of the best school districts in the North Country. I am a graduate of Heuvelton Central School. I later received my degree in Ophthalmic Dispensing from Mater Dei College. I have worked at Pearle Vision for over 28 years as a New York State Licensed Optician. I have been the retail manager for over 20 years. 

    I have three children. Nicholas - GB Class of 2019, Chloe – a junior  and Gabriella -  a 7th grader at GB. They all are active in different extra curricular activities. Soccer, Football Cheer, Volleyball, Basketball, Lacrosse, Student Officer, Whiz Quiz, Piano, Gymnastics, Odyssey of the Mind, PTO, Dexter Food Pantry, to name a few. I have always encouraged my children to be part of their community, to volunteer, stay active and be well rounded students. But first and foremost, Academics are most important in our home.

    I want General Brown to move forward and be even better than it is today. Like everything, there is always room for improvement. While GB has a great selection of extra curricular activities, academics IS the foundation. The students of General Brown are our future. We need to give everyone of them the opportunity to become successful adults. For those students going into the workforce, they need solid life skill classes to be successful. For those who are college bound, they need to be academically competitive when applying to colleges.  

    I want to offer solutions. I want General Brown to improve what we have. We need to offer more Life skill classes like Accounting. Teach our students how to balance a checkbook, save money, buy a house. We need to offer more upper level Science electives. To give our students even more options, we could alternate the teaching curriculum from year to year. By using the same teachers, this could be accomplished without spending more money. Along with JCC, we could partner with Syracuse University to provide more college courses.

    General Brown has some of the best teachers. They deserve the opportunity for professional development and to be able to make decisions in their classroom based on the best interest of their students. Teachers need continued support so that they can prepare ALL General Brown Students for a successful future. By improving teacher culture, we will be able to attract and hire hard to fill vacancies like Special Education teachers.  

    New York State School Aid is predicted to be reduced due to the Covid-19 public health crisis. Our school district will be left with a huge deficit. My goal is to be fiscally responsible (as a taxpayer myself). I will push for quality education for the students but at the same time, try to protect the taxpayers. 

    Until this year, I actively volunteered with the Dexter Elementary PTO. I was the PTO treasurer for three years. Now I would like to focus my attentions on the General Brown Board of Education. I feel all children deserve a quality education. They should all feel a certain connection to General Brown. PLEASE VOTE FOR ME ON JUNE 9th. The vote will be taking place by absentee ballot.  

    Thank you for your time and consideration.