• Superintendent Case reaches out to staff and families about racism and inequity

    On June 3, 2020, General Brown Central School District Superintendent Barbara J. Case sent the letter below to staff and families within the district.

    Dear School Community Members,

    I have been watching the events of the past week unfold and thinking about how our school community may be affected and what our role as educators, students, parents, guardians and community members is in this national conversation about race and equity that is taking place.

    I am distraught by the brutal murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and so many other innocent people targeted simply by the color of their skin. As I watched the news reports of the many civil protests across the country that ensued into violence, I thought about our children and the messages they receive in their daily lives about race and equity. 

    It is necessary to acknowledge and understand that systemic oppression and racism is part of our country’s history and exist today. We must equip our children, and staff, to confront racism and discrimination and to have more authentic conversations about race and current events. The more we acknowledge and talk about issues of race and discrimination, the more comfortable and successful we will be in providing a safe space to do so. 

    As a school community, we are committed to equity and inclusion. There is no place for racism or discrimination of any kind in our society, and we are committed to working with all for a better, more equitable world. Our mission is to prepare and inspire each student to meet future challenges, and it is clear that our children need our support now more than ever.  They will be the beacons that carry us all toward a better place.  

    Our strategic plan uses such words as respect, equity, acceptance and diversity, but these are not just words. They are the foundations on which our district educates its students, and our students are the future of our local and global society.  The importance of these core foundations can only be highlighted when we end our silence.

    Learning from historical and current events is part of the mission of education. We are all partners in this mission. No one has all the answers. Yet, with conversation and compassion, we can work toward positive change and contribute to the better future that we all want for our children and our world.

    Please stay safe and healthy during this difficult time. Our principals and school counselors are here if your family needs resources or additional support.


    Barbara J. Case