• Board members recognize graduates with lawn signs

    The front lawn of the General Brown Junior-Senior High School is peppered with blue and gold signs congratulating each member of the Class of 2020. 

    General Brown Central School District Board of Education members collectively purchased the signs that recognize each of the district’s 101 graduates. The signs face Cemetery Road, and students will be able to take their signs home after graduation, which will take place on June 26.

    Below is a letter the board sent to seniors and their families.

     To the Class of 2020 and the General Brown community:

    This has been an unprecedented year for all of our students, teachers, and staff, but we know that the loss of "school as normal" has been hardest on the seniors. The administration has worked diligently to create a graduation that honors the accomplishments of our seniors while adhering to the guidelines put into effect by NY State and the Department of Health.  

    Each year we feel such pride watching each graduate receive their diploma, celebrating their success at General Brown and signaling the start of a new chapter in their lives. This year, due to social distancing restrictions, we are unable to attend and see this momentous occasion for our graduates. We, as a board, purchased a sign for each senior as a token of our congratulations. 

    We would love for you to take your sign when you come to receive your diploma. Until then, we will display them at the high school for all of our community to see as they drive past and celebrate your achievement with us.

    We wish you all the best as you set off for your futures.  We know you will change the world!

    With warmest regards,

    The General Brown Board of Education

Class of 2020 lawn signs