• Summary of parent survey responses

    A survey about the various reopening scenarios received 455 responses from parents across all grade levels. When asked if schools were to open with full-time, in-person instruction, 24 percent said they felt very comfortable, and about 33 percent of parents reported they felt “comfortable” with sending their children to school. However, about 21 percent said they are “not comfortable at all” sending their children to school, and about 22 percent said they are “unsure” about their children attending.

    The survey also asked parents to weigh in on a hybrid model that would use a combination of in-person learning and remote instruction to allow for smaller groups at school. About 39 percent said they felt “comfortable” and about 17 percent said they felt “extremely comfortable” sending their children to school in that scenario. About 18 percent of families responded they are “not comfortable at all” with their children attending school in that model. About 26 percent said they are “unsure”.

    If student instruction had to be done completely online, 68 percent of families said their young children would have someone at home help them with their school work, while 32 percent said that would not be possible.

    The survey also sought to gauge the level of access families have to resources for online learning. About 91 percent said they have reliable internet access, and about 82 percent reported having access to a computer or laptop at home.

    With social distancing guidelines being required on school buses, there would be limited capacity. When asked about transportation, 61 percent of families said they would be willing to transport their children to school throughout the school year, while 39 percent said they could not.

    In the survey, families were asked to reflect on several aspects of remote learning this past spring. Over 50 percent said they felt it was “very easy” to connect with their children’s teachers, and 9 percent said communication was “not easy at all.” About 23 percent said their student was “not engaged at all” in their online school work, while about 41 percent said their children were “slightly engaged.” About 25 percent reported their children were “engaged”, and about 10 percent described their students as “extremely engaged.”

    On the subject of their children’s social and emotional well-being during the past several months, about 34 percent said they are “not at all concerned,” and about 19 percent said they are “concerned”. However, about 13 percent said they are “extremely concerned”, and 34 percent said they are “slightly concerned.

    The district received many comments through the survey that are also being considered as district leaders develop the reopening plans.