All GB students to receive free meals

  • All students in the General Brown Central School District will now receive free meals whether attending in-person or remote classes.

    The free meals for every student will continue until December 31, 2020, or until the USDA changes its guidance. Parents/guardians do not need to fill out any forms to receive the free meals.

    While in school, students will receive the basic meal at no cost and can purchase additional (a la carte) items. All meals will be grab-and-go style, as students will take their meals from their school’s kitchen service line and go back to their classrooms to eat at socially-distanced desks.

    Meal pickup for remote learning days

    All General Brown students and their family members who are between the ages of 3 and 18 can receive the school district’s weekly meal packages at no cost.

    Pickup for the entire week’s meals will take place on Wednesdays between 10 and 11 a.m.

    Families participating in hybrid learning (two days of in-person learning and three remote days) will receive three breakfasts and three lunches for each child. Families whose children are doing fully remote learning will receive five breakfasts and five lunches for each child.

    Some items will require heating or cooking. In those cases, instructions will be included.

    Parents can choose from three pickup points and will indicate their choice when placing their order for the upcoming week. Meals can only be picked up at the site requested. The sites and pickup instructions are:

    • Brownville/Glen Park Elementary: Pick up meals at the food service entrance door on the right side of the school by the dumpsters. 
    • Dexter Elementary: Pick up meals at the front entrance of the school. 
    • Jr/Sr High School: Pick up meals at the outside entrance to the school’s kitchen right off the cafeteria.  It’s the kitchen door facing the driveway as it begins to circle around front. 

    Signs will be posted at all sites directing vehicles to the pickup locations.

    Upon arrival to the site (between 10 and 11 a.m.), please call the school kitchen to notify them you are in the parking lot.

    • Jr./Sr. High School: (315) 779-2300, option 1, option 1. Then ask for the kitchen.
    •  Brownville/Glen Park: (315) 779-2300, option 2, option 1. Then ask for the kitchen.
    • Dexter: (315) 779-2300, 3, 1.  Then ask for the kitchen.

    Cafeteria staff members will deliver meals to vehicles as parents/guardians will not be permitted into the buildings to pick up the meals.         

    Ordering meals for pickup

    To order meals, parents/guardians must either call Mr. Nevers at (315) 779-2300, Option 7, Option 1 and leave a message, or email him at 

    Messages or emails must include the following information:

    1.     Name(s) of student(s) who require meals
    2.     Are students physically attending class or are they totally remote?
    3.     Allergies that require alternate items?
    4.     How many meals are needed?
    5.     At what site will you be picking up the meals?
    6.     Meals must be ordered by the Friday prior to Wednesday’s pickup. 

    The first day for meal pickup will be Wednesday, September 9. Orders for that day’s pickup must be submitted to Mr. Nevers by Monday, September 7.