General Brown voters approve $25.4 million budget; elect 3 board members

  • On May 18, General Brown Central School District voters approved the district’s $25.4 million 2021-22 budget proposal, elected three board of education members and approved the purchase of up to four new buses. The budget proposition passed 200 to 69.

    District-related Propositions

    • A $25,454,592 budget for the 2021-22 school year that increases spending 4.60% ($1,119,798) and carries a 3.85% tax levy increase: 200 yes; 69 no
    • Purchasing four new school buses at a total cost not to exceed $365,000: 212 yes; 54 no

    Board of Education election

    Three candidates sought election to three open board of education seats. They are:

    • Albert Romano Jr.:  215 votes
    • Kelly Milkowich: 205 votes
    • Jamie Lee: 204 votes

    The terms are three years, beginning July 1.

    School budget is at its tax cap

    The 2021-22 budget's tax levy increase of 3.85% is at the district’s calculated tax levy limit, per the state’s property tax levy cap law. The limit does not cap how much a district can raise through property taxes. Instead, it determines at what level a school district must have a supermajority (60 percent) rather than a simple majority (50% plus one) approve the budget proposal.

    Because General Brown proposed a budget with a tax levy increase at its allowable limit, the budget required a simple majority vote for authorization.

    More information about the budget is available on the district website’s Business page