General Brown voters approve $25.99 million budget; elect three board members

May 17, 2022

  • On May 17, General Brown Central School District voters approved the district’s $25.99 million 2022-23 budget proposal, elected three board of education members, approved the purchase of up to four new buses and chose to establish a capital reserve fund. The budget proposition passed 363 to 126.

    District-related Propositions

    • A $25,994,591 budget for the 2022-23 school year that increases spending 2.12% ($539,999) and carries a 3.34% tax levy increase: 363 yes; 126 no
    • Purchasing four new school buses at a total cost not to exceed $375,000: 386 yes; 98 no
    • Consideration of a capital reserve fund that would allow the district to set aside up to $5 million from existing appropriated funds on hand for future construction projects and major purchases: 397 yes; 85 no

    Board of Education election

    Six candidates sought election to three open board of education seats. They are:

    Tiffany Orcesi (incumbent):  366 votes

    Kimberly Shuler: 261 votes

    Jason Reynolds: 243 votes

    Tasha Richards: 173 votes

    Jason Hamilton: 158 votes

    Joshua Dettmer: 70 votes

    Two of the terms are three years, beginning July 1. Tiffany Orcesi and Kimberly Shuler will fill these seats. The third term is one year, beginning immediately. Jason Reynolds will fill this seat.

    School budget is at its tax cap

    The 2022-23 budget's tax levy increase of 3.34% is at the district’s calculated tax levy limit, per the state’s property tax levy cap law. The limit does not cap how much a district can raise through property taxes. Instead, it determines at what level a school district must have a supermajority (60 percent) rather than a simple majority (50 percent, plus one) approve the budget proposal.

    General Brown proposed a budget with a tax levy increase at its allowable limit, so the budget required a simple majority vote for authorization.

    More information about the budget is available on the district website’s business page.