Student stands with educator displaying NJHS award

Student recognized as a NJHS Outstanding Achievement Award recipient

May 24, 2022

  • General Brown Central School District is proud to recognize Anthony LaSage as a National Junior Honor Society Outstanding Achievement Award recipient.

    The award highlights 500 exceptional NJHS students from across the nation by giving them $500 each. The money is expected to be placed in a college savings account program.

    “The NJHS Outstanding Achievement Award is for exemplary leadership, character, service, and citizenship and Anthony definitely is the embodiment of all of those attributes,” said General Brown NJHS Advisor Maria Mesires. “He works hard academically, but also engages in many activities that make him a well-rounded individual.”

    Anthony, who is a ninth-grade student, said he feels proud that others think he exemplifies these attributes.

    “I have worked hard to maintain honor roll status while taking accelerated courses in math and science,” he said. “I enjoy all that I do for my community, and I feel that I demonstrate aspects of being a knowledgeable and upstanding citizen.”

    In addition to a couple of school-related extracurricular activities, Anthony volunteers at the Brownville-Glen Park Library, the local fire department and at his church.

    Anthony has also developed a strong interest in politics and democracy.

    “[Anthony] has a very definitive viewpoint and has spoken publicly in educational contests such as the VFW's Patriot's Pen essay contest,” said Ms. Mesires.

    Although he thought he would never win the NJHS Outstanding Achievement Award, Anthony said Ms. Mesires encouraged him to apply.

    “Being a member of such a prestigious organization will certainly help me in the future,” said Anthony. “However, for now, it is giving me the motivation to continue serving my community, maintaining high grades, performing as a reputable citizen and exhibiting character traits that are honorable and paramount to success.”

    Ms. Mesires, who is serving her first year as advisor of NJHS, said inductions were on hold over the past two years due to the pandemic.

    Anthony was one of 52 eighth and ninth grade students who were inducted into the NJHS this past March at General Brown.

    “I’m not surprised that Anthony won this national award,” said Ms. Mesires.

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