Brownville Elementary School


                     June 2016

    Dear Third Grader,


    Congratulations on your successful completion of second grade.  I am looking forward to seeing you in third grade in September. 

               Below is a list of items needed for the beginning of school. 

    Please stock up on the first 5 items.

                **         #2 wood pencils with erasers

                **         2 extra erasers                   

                **         2 Wide dry erase marker  (Dark colors show up better.)

                **         2 Glue sticks (not liquid glue)

                **         Crayons (24 count please)         

    ·         Scissors

    ·         A highlighter

    ·         Small pencil pouch.  (Not boxes.  They do not fit in our desks).

    ·         2 wide-ruled notebooks (single subject)     

    ·         Backpack

                      -      One box of sandwich size baggies
    Please no binders.  They do not fit in our desks


    NOTE:  You should also keep a supply of pencils, paper and crayons at home

      Water bottles are welcome.  One with a spout work best.


    See you in September,

    Mrs. Campany

    Supply list for 2016-2017