• pencil  Taking the SAT/ACT
    with Test Accommodations

    I have been designated as the high school's contact person for requesting testing accommodations for the SAT and ACT exams.
    If your child plans on going to college, the decision about which test, if any, your child should take depends upon which college(s) your child will be applying to.  Your child's guidance counselor is your best resource for helping you and your child with this decision.
    The national organizations which oversee the administration of the SAT and ACT exams seek to provide appropriate testing accommodations so that the special needs of each student can be addressed.  In general, testing accommodations may be approved for how testing materials are presented (ex. questions read), responses recorded (ex. type essay on computer), tests are timed (ex. 50% or 100% extended time), or for the general testing environment (ex. take the test here at General Brown over 2 days under my supervision). 
    Since the testing accommodation eligibility process takes time, I would ask you to discuss the test options with the guidance counselors and then contact me at lvanbrocklin@gblions.org to start the process.