school supplies
    *4 plain pocket folders with the pocket at the bottom
    (not on the side, try to get the plastic kind)

    *1 pocket folder with the pocket at the bottom. This can be a folder of your choice as it will be their take home folder (It will need to be replaced as needed.)


    *10 #2 sharpened pencils (no mechanical pencils)


    *2 large erasers


    *1 box of crayons (16 count Crayola)


    *1 pair of scissors


    *3 packs of glue sticks


    *1 plastic school box


    *1 brown clipboard


    *1 Black marble notebook


    *Backpack (large enough to holder folder, a lunchbox and sneakers)


    *$4 to pay for writing journals


    *Please make sure I have a note if your child is not riding the bus home from school. We do not go by what they did as kindergarteners. If this will be a permanent arrangement just write permanent on the note. Thanks!

         *Please have all supplies openned in their pencil box and extras can be sent in a labeled ziplock bag.
    Thank you! This is such a time saver!