• The ABC'S


    Mrs. Hamilton's Class

    A Parent Resource

    A Attendance: Please have your child to school by 9:00 every morning.

    B Birthdays: If you want to send something special just let me know 2-3 days in advance.

    C Character Education: We will be working on positive choices every day

      D Dismissal: School ends at 3:25pm.

    E Emergencies: Please make sure all contact information is current in the office and the nurse knows of all medical situations.

    F Field Trips: We always need chaperons.

    G Grades:All core subjects will be numerically graded.

    H Homework: Your child will have regular homework, and study materials, he or she will have practice and projects that may require your help.

    I Individuality: We will celebrate our differences.

    J Journals:

    K Keep Smiling: A smile is contagious.

    L Lunch: Please make sure your son or daughter's charges are paid.

    M Management: Students names will go in the notebook if they have not completed homework or have had any behavioral problems.

    N Notes: All absences or late arrivals must have a note sent to school.

    O Open Communication: Please let me know if you have any concerns.

    P PTO: Please join us at a monthly PTO meeting.

    Q Quality: Your child's work will be about quality not quantity.

    R Rewards: There will be an end of the month party for

    students who earn it.

    S Snacks: Please think healthy when sending class treats to school.

    T Tardies: All students must be to class by 9:10 or they are tardy and a note must be signed.

    U Unkind Behavior: No unkind behavior will be tolerated in my class.

    V :

    W Working Together: to encourage your child can make a difference.

    X I am eXcited to work with

    Y Your child. Please be sure he or she gets

    Z lots of ZZZ's each night.