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    The SAT Reasoning Test is made up of an essay and a combination of 8 multiple choice tests in reading, writing, and mathematics.  The test is timed by sections. 
    The paperwork to apply for testing accommodations needs to be completed, processed and approved by the College Board before you and your child can register online to take the SAT.
    We will be working together to be sure that the necessary documentation is submitted.  Once I receive the signed permission slip to proceed, I will submit the testing accommodation paperwork electronically.  Often the accommodations that will be approved will be the same as those that your child receives here at school, but not always. 
    We will both receive a letter detailing what testing accommodations the College Board has approved.  That letter will assign your child a SSD ID# he/she will need to use to register for the SAT with accommodations. 

    Where and when the student will take the SAT exam will depend upon the test accommodations granted.  A student granted 100% extended time will not take the test on the national testing (Saturday)
     date.  He/She will take the test under my supervision during the school day on the following Monday and Tuesday.