Class Do's and Procedures



    1.   Be kind to one another.

    2.  Be patient.

    3.  Be understanding

    4.  Be on time.

    5.  Be honest.


    What you can expect from me:

    1.  Understanding - if you have a concern, please come to me.  I will do my best to discuss the situation with you and to try to resolve your problem.

    2.  Patience - I am a patient person (most of the time); however, I will not be so patient if you don't at least try something.

    3.  Enthusiasm - I love the subject that I teach; no, really, I do!  I love to help young writers develop their craft; I love teaching literature, helping you to see how it connects all of us - beyond differences and even throughout time.  I love words--where they come from, their history, etc. 

    My door is always open to you.  I arrive at school very early, and unless I have a meeting I will be available to you after school.  I am also in my room during my lunch period and my planning period.  I am here to help you in any manner that I can.


           In case of a fire drill:  Leave everything at your desk; quietly file out of the door, turn to the left and go straight through the outside doors.  Head for the grass across the parking lot; please stay together.


         In the event of a lock down:  Quietly head to the very back of the classroom and sit against the back wall.  Please remain silent.