• The purpose of the STLE3 grant is to encourgae and support districts to develop a career ladder as part of a comprehensive system to recruit, develop and maintain effective teachers and school leaders. 

    Through Jefferson-Lewis BOCES a consortium of 10 schools drafted and submitted a proposal to implement these career ladders in our local schools.  Awarded 1.2 million grant, with BOCES as the lead grant writer, the members of the consortium have the following in place in their schools:

         -Teacher Career Ladders compised of peer coaches, district teacher coaches and regional teacher coaches

         -Principal Career Ladder comprised of Principal collaborators, district principals and regional principals. 


    The General Brown Central School District currently has 9 peer coaches, 3 district coaches and 1 regional coach in place.  The purpose of the coaches is to work collaboratively with teachers throughout the district to strenghten instruction and improve student performance.  Coaches have participated in student centered coaching training through Diane Sweeney Consulting. 

    Coaches are as follows:

    Babette Valentine - Regional Coach

    Rebecca Dupee - District Coach BGP

    Carrie LaSage - District Coach Jr/Sr HS

    Kelly Monroe - District Coach Dexter

    Peer Coaches BGP                                                 

    Lori Commins                            

    Sheri Nichols

    Laurel Oliver

    Peer Coaches Dexter

    Emily Aumell

    Meredith Connell

    Amy Moore

    Peer Coaches Jr/Sr HS

    Katie Clough

    Maureen Garnsey

    Nancy Hardwick