• Tests - 40%

    Tests are typically given for each unit.  Test corrections will be an option but will not change the test grade.  The corrections must be completed within 5 days of receiving the test back or they will not be accepted.  It is best to do corrections immediately, while the material is still fresh in their minds.  Students may receive help from a teacher or a fellow student.  The corrections will count as an LTA grade(see below).  If they are not turned in, the original test grade will be put in its place.

    Quizzes - 30%

    Quizzes are typically given for each unit.  Corrections will not be an option.  There will be no pop quizzes, however, there will be quizzes in which students cannot use a calculator.


    Castle Learning - 15%

    Expect about 5-8 Castle Learning assignments per marking period.  This will be cumulative review work that students will have to complete on the computer.  They may receive help from a teacher, parent, sibling or fellow student.  Calculators are allowed.


    LTA's - 15%

    LTA's are Long Term Assignments, expect 3-4 a marking period (as well as test corrections).  Students will be given several days to complete an assignment which will be turned in and GRADED.  They may seek help for these assignments.