• General Brown Junior-Senior High School

    Principal’s Welcome

    On behalf of the entire school staff, I welcome you to the General Brown Junior-Senior High School. We have great things happening here every day, and we look forward to sharing them with you!  

    I hope you find time to attend a concert, a drama production or an athletic event to see our students—and staff—shine. When families and communities involve themselves in their schools’ activities, students are motivated to pursue success, and the community grows closer. 

    At the junior-senior high school level, we seek to empower students to develop their skills, knowledge and attitudes to prepare them for when they leave our building and embark upon their futures, wherever their passions may take them: higher education, directly into the job market or into a branch of the military. We know they will make us proud.

    Children’s success in school is dependent on many factors, including high standards, excellent instruction, a solid curriculum and a strong sense of character and community. Each of these factors are woven into a General Brown education. 

    Please write or call us about matters of concern, attend school activities and become active in parent groups that initiate, support and enhance school programs. We’re all in this together!

    Best wishes for a wonderful school year!

    Nicole Donaldson, Principal


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    Junior-Senior High School Principal: Nicole Donaldson  
    Junior-Senior High School Assistant Principal: Laurie Nohle
    District Superintendent: Barbara Case 


    Contact Us

    17643 Cemetery Rd.
    Dexter, NY 13634
    Phone: 315-779-2300 
    Fax: 315-639-3444