• Concert and Parade Dates

    Please note that these are the start times for events.  Students need to arrive earlier to rehearse and prepare.  Parents can refer to the parent letter sent home for arrival times for students.
    Junior High Spring Concert - Wednesday, May 10th @ 6pm
    Senior High Spring Concert - Wednesday, May 17th @ 6pm 
    Darien Lake Musicfest - Saturday, May 20th
    Memorial Day Parades - 9am Dexter, BGP immediately afterwards 
    Senior High General Brown Days Concert - Friday, June 2nd @ 6pm at Brown Mansion
    General Brown Days Parade - Saturday, June 3rd @ 7pm in Brownville
    In-house Band NYSSMA levels 1-4 - Tuesday, June 13th
    Spring Concerts are part of the finals for Band and Chorus
    Missed Parades can be made up with make up assignments - band make up assignments 

    General Brown Community

    Marching Band needs YOU!

    This is the 40th anniversary of General Brown Days. In order to honor the event, we would like to invite community members to march with the General Brown marching band! Any community member who has instrument experience is welcome to join in. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t touched your instrument in 20 years!

    You can contact me, Fran Seymour, for a copy of the GB Alma Mater (we have some lyres for you to use if memorizing is tough) AND JOIN the GB Marching Band on General Brown days at the parade and march through the village.

    I envision community members and younger band students wearing GB Blue and Gold of some sort marching on either side of the marching band in uniform, adding to the performance of the Alma Mater, and most importantly having FUN!!

    Contact Fran Seymour at fseymour@gblions.org if you’d like to participate. We will rehearse with the Marching Band after the concert (which starts at 6PM at the mansion) on Friday, June 2nd in the BGP building parking lot (cafeteria in case of rain). We will gather to march on Saturday, June 3rdat the BGP building around 6pm.