Fall Sports

Boys Girls
Varsity Football Varsity Football Cheerleading
JV Football Modified Cheerleading
Modified Football Varsity Soccer
Varsity Soccer JV Soccer
JV Soccer Modified Soccer
Modified Soccer Varsity Tennis

Spring Sports

Boys Girls
Varsity Baseball Varsity Softball
JV Baseball JV Softball
Modified Baseball Modified Softball
Varsity Lacrosse Varsity Golf
JV Lacrosse Varsity Lacrosse
Modified Lacrosse Modified Lacrosse
Varsity Golf

Winter Sports

Boys Girls
Varsity Basketball Varsity Basketball Cheerleading
JV Basketball JV Basketball Cheerleading
Modified Basketball Varsity Basketball
Varsity Wrestling JV Basketball
JV Wrestling Modified Basketball
Modified Wrestling Varsity Volleyball
JV Volleyball
Modified Volleyball
Swimming(Offered out of district) Swimming(Offered out of District)
Hockey (Offered out of district) Hockey (Offered out of district)

Athletic Director: Laurie Nohle

  • There are exceptional opportunities at General Brown Junior-Senior High School for our students to participate in extracurricular activities. Participation in extracurricular activities is a privilege that requires dedication and commitment. In participating, our students gain invaluable educational experiences as members of a team or club, as student leaders, and as young adults setting and reaching their goals. This participation enriches their high school years and develops personal standards of discipline.