Updated isolation and quarantine protocols

  • The following letter was sent to General Brown families via ParentSquare email on January 13, 2022:

    Dear General Brown Community,

    Over the last few days, Jefferson County Public Health (JCPH) and the NYSDOH have made significant changes to the isolation and quarantine guidance related to COVID-19. At this time, schools are still required to complete contact tracing, but guidance for isolated and quarantined individuals have changed and can be found on the “COVID-19 Isolation and Quarantine: Adapted from Onondaga County Health Department” flowchart. Our schools will continue to reach out to parents and guardians regarding close contacts, but messages may come in the form of emails or phone messages, depending on individual case circumstances. If you prefer not to be notified by email, please contact your child’s school building.

    Individuals that are identified as close contacts can access their self-reporting quarantine orders via the JCPH website. Families should follow the flow chart related to close contacts for greater understanding of their responsibilities, including quarantines, wearing masks, testing, and children attending school. Moving forward, children attending and employees working within the General Brown Central School District who have been identified as close contacts and remain asymptomatic may now continue to attend or work at school for in-class activities, but they must quarantine outside of school. In addition, no children can participate in extracurricular or after-school activities, beyond instruction, during their 5-day period of quarantine. Each child identified by the school as a close contact will be sent home with an at-home COVID-19 rapid test, so that testing can take place at least 5 days after exposure. Quarantined employees may request an at-home test from their supervisor. This will help minimize the risk of sick children and employees attending school.

    Individuals that test positive for COVID-19 will still be contacted by the NYSDOH or JCPH if they are in the priority groups of under 18 years old, over 65 years old or/and are connected with a congregate setting, such as schools, nursing homes, and correctional facilities. If you find you have not been contacted by the NYSDOH or JCPH, you can access self-reporting isolation orders via the JCPH website. All students and employees who test positive should submit their self-reporting isolation orders to the school for admittance into the school building. All positive individuals will be asked to notify their own close contacts. Positive at-home COVID-19 tests can be entered electronically by parents or employees via the JCPH website.

    The General Brown Central School District will continue all mitigation efforts, such as social distancing, mask wearing, encouraging hand hygiene, cleaning and disinfecting frequently touch surfaces, and screening all spectators at extracurricular and athletic events, in an effort to prevent COVID-19 exposures and outbreaks. The standard rule of practice should be do not attend school if you are sick with any symptoms.

    This continues to be an ever-changing scenario. The General Brown Central School District will continue to follow NYSDOH, NYSED, and JCPH mandates, guidelines, and expectations. We appreciate your patience as we navigate these changes. Thank you for ongoing support of the students, employees, and families of the General Brown community. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

    Barbara J. Case
    Superintendent of Schools