Junior High Information

What is Junior High School?

The Junior high program at General Brown is intended to help students adjust to the student responsibilities in high school. It introduces students to a wide range of subjects and learning styles. 

Students and parents should understand the expectations for students in the junior high school are the same that will be required of them in high school. 

The amount of work and the level of student responsibility for completing the work are based on what is expected for a successful high school graduate. It is important for parents to monitor their child's work on a daily basis. Junior high school teachers only see your child for a brief period of time. School isn't like the elementary grades where one teacher spends most of the day with a single class of students.

How to Succeed in Junior High School

Fourteen things students can do to be successful.

  1. Be in the classroom and seated on time
  2. Bring books, paper, notebooks, your assignment book, pens, and all other necessary materials with you
  3. Remain in your assigned seat unless given permission to do otherwise
  4. Raise your hand and wait to be recognized before talking
  5. Write down all your assignments during class in your assignment book
  6. Always make sure you know what to do and how to do it before leaving the class
  7. Plan your work in advance so you know what is due each day and make a list of things to get done
  8. Always hand in all your homework assignments on time and make sure that they are completely done
  9. Much of the work in junior high school will be new, different and difficult. Always try your best.
  10. Always be polite and always listen to and follow all directions
  11. Use study hall time wisely, for extra help or homework
  12. Seek help as often as you need it
  13. It you are absent, you are responsible for your schoolwork and assignments
  14. Each teacher has individual classroom rules and requirements in addition to general school rules. Be familiar with these, and follow them.