Student Assistance Counselor

Matt Milk

The Student Assistance Program (SAP)is a NYS Certified Prevention Counseling Program that helps students with their concerns by providing support, information, referral services and one-on-one discussions.  

A student DOES NOT have to have a drug or alcohol issue to come in and talk to me. The goal is to help PREVENT those issues from arising. Of course, if substance use is suspected, I’d be happy to work with both student and parent as well. 

The program is CONFIDENTIAL and VOLUNTARY and a no judgment zone!!

The goal of the program is to help youth develop healthy coping skills, make positive lifestyle choices, and avoid alcohol and substance abuse problems.

Topics discussed in prevention counseling typically involve relationship or family problems, stress, peer pressure, grief or loss, alcohol, tobacco, or other drug use information, study skills, problem-solving, anger, depression, self-esteem, or any other topics or issues students wish discuss.

* Feel free to give me a call anytime if you have questions or need further information or simply need someone to listen.

Matthew M. Milkowich BS, CASAC-T
(315) 779-2300 Option 1, Option 8 or 

Office days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday