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2022 General Brown graduates celebrated

General Brown Class of 2022

Community members gathered Friday evening to celebrate the General Brown Junior-Senior High School Class of 2022.

The annual ceremony was held at 6 p.m. at Fisher Field, with a total of 93 students walking across the stage to be recognized for their achievements.

The students who graduated as a part of the Class of 2022 include the following:

Alguire, Trent

Anderson, Riley

Andiorio, Lexi

Aubin, Brandon

Aubrey , Ashton

Barker, Joshua

Barrett, Lauren

Bennett, Megan

Biggers, Peter

Bird, Macy

Bordash, Ryan

Boyce, Ema

Carr, Maddox

Carrick, Jenna

Carroll, Maya

Chouinard, Matheau

Ciferri, Isabella

Coney, Hayden

Conway, Hailey

Crandall, Hayden

Dean, Jamesyn

Derouchie, Hanna

Dunn, Jeremiah

Dunn, Jonah

Dupee, Emma

Faulkner, Ashton

Favret, Natalie

Ferard, Caiden

Fields, Karsyn

Fiske, Mikel

French, Hunter

Gagnon, Jordan

Gardner, Lance

Gerstenschlager, Robert

Goodwin, Riley

Gray, Nathaniel

Griffin, Chayse

Haidaczuk, Brandon

Hall, Alexander-Justin

Hall, Dayna

Harvill, Joseph

Hernandez, Felipe

Hernandez Murillo, Lucas

Hodge, Daniel

Houser, Kaleb

Hurley, Kirson


Jewett, Brandon

King, Jacob

Kinne, Nathan

Lalone, Cody

Lane, Christian

Lanning, Aletha

LaRose, Brianna

Lennox, Kacy

Littell, Ashten

Ly, Jalen

MacDuffie, Indira

Matthews, Owen

Matusiak, Jocelyn

Miller, Anthony

Monroe, Shayne

Moore, Taylynn

Munson, Atticus

Murrock, Charles

O'Brien, Bethany

O'Neil III, David

Parker, Emily

Peets, Skie

Putnam, Jamie

Randall, Eric

Rawleigh, Elijah

Rawson, Emma

Raymundo, Pedro

Robbins, Erica

Rogers, Nicholas

Roy, Elizabeth

Ryan, Brayden

Salter, Derian

Sanford, Joanna

Sheen, Natalie

Snow, Nathan

Switzer, Dylan

Tarwater, Kendyl

Vaccaro, Peyton

Wallace, Bryce

Washer, Marriah

Watkins, Bradley

Weathers, Zackary

Weishew, Lucas

Wiley, Benjamin

Yodice, Samantha

Young, Tyler

Zimmer, Jayemarie

The ceremony was live streamed and can be viewed on YouTube. You can also learn more about the Class Leaders of 2022.

Grad 1 Grad 2

Promotion Ceremony at Brownville-Glen Park Elementary

Promotion Ceremony 1 Promotion Ceremony 2

Promotion Ceremony 3

At Brownville-Glen Park Elementary School, 105 sixth graders were celebrated at a Promotion Ceremony. These students will be transitioning from Brownville-Glen Park to the Junior-Senior High School in September 2022.

A presentation from the Promotion Ceremony is viewable online.

The General Brown Central School District would like to congratulate these students for all of their achievements.