Ms. Davis (General & Vocal Music)

Music Classroom Supply List

4th & 5th graders:

  • One soprano recorder
  • Music Folder
  • Pencil

6th graders:

  • Folder
  • Pencil 

Ms. Davis
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Ms. Davis teaches General Music, Chorus, and Instrumental Lessons at Dexter and BGP Elementaries.

All children have the potential to learn music. Musical intelligence is part of the seven multiple intelligences identified by Dr. Howard Gardener, a celebrated past professor of education at Harvard University. The musical intelligence, according Gardener, is "the ability to produce and appreciate rhythm, pitch, and timbre." People have different strengths and preferences for these seven intelligences, but the potential for each to develop through experience and instruction is ever-present. As a music teacher, it is Ms. Davis's job to develop your child's musical intelligence to the fullest potential of their individual ability and aptitude.

For more information on how children learn music, how Ms. Davis develops musicianship in her curriculum, and resources for parents and students, check out A Parent's Guide to Ms. Davis's K-6 General and Vocal Music Program!


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